The winter blues no more! with Spring just around the corner tons of people are starting to get an itch for a new toy.

Well lucky for you BGS Marine Sales located in Pensacola, Florida is known for its inventory of Blazer Bay boats and Havoc aluminum boats.

Blazer Bay Boats are locally crafted in Pensacola, Florida as well! With nearly four decades of experience crafting high-performance boats to appeal any sport fisherman, Blazer Bay is a brand you can not miss.

A lot of customers that come to us looking for a Blazer Bay boat usually are interested in the Blazer Bay 2200.

The Blazer Bay 2200 comes with standard features that is sure to impress any angler, from the twin aerated livewells, the massive step up forward casting deck, and also the full stainless steel fittings, this boat will provide the most outstanding comfort, and of course look good doing it. The only thing the 2200 won’t do for you is bait your hook, cast your rod, and reel in the fish for you.  But you will have no issue navigating to your favorite fishing spot and limiting out in this stellar, one of a kind craft, designed for the passionate fisherman.

With all different kind of boat brands out there, no one can deny that Blazer Bay boats understand what it takes to satisfy every angler. BGS Marine Sales wants to put you in the boat that will make your next fishing trip impeccable. So come in and see us today and let our warm and friendly staff show you around our current available Blazer Bay inventory for sale today! BGS Marine Sales is proud to serve the areas of Pensacola,  Florida, and Gulf Shores, Alabama; as well as customers from Mississippi and Louisiana! Come in and visit with us and let us send you home smiling in the Blazer Bay boat that you have always dreamed of!